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Developing an app with Appcelerator in conjunction with Phonegap

I'm about to begin development on my first mobile app for my (fairly large) company. At first I'll be the sole developer in charge of designing, executing and maintaining the code. Since I want to develop for as many smart phones as I can while still having "native apps" where possible, I'd like to use Appcelerator for iPhone and Android (and Blackberry soon) and then cover the rest of the smart phones with a web app compiled with Phonegap.

I was thinking I could write a JS library that could sit on top of the Appcelerator and Phonegap API's and call the appropriate routines depending on which phone the code is being built for. The app itself is fairly simple… I'd really only need access to GIS data from the phone and maybe playing sounds (alerts). There will be a lot of data being pulled from a remote server as well.

Has anyone attempted anything along these lines and, if so, would you mind giving me some advice? And you guys who are Appcelerator experts and really know how it works, does this even sound like a feasible approach? Thanks…

— asked September 14th 2010 by John Williams
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1 Answer

  • I'm involved in a project that originated as an iPhone only app. At first, many of our users said "I don't have an iPhone, I have a blackberry." We ended up building a web app of the project for blackberry, as right now, most blackberry users don't know how to download apps anyway.

    The web app works very well on Android as well, and we plan to wrap it up into an android app, but it hasn't come up much, so we are not in a huge hurry to do that. (Our app uses geo location, which we are able to add into the web app, at least on Android and Iphones.)

    So, I might suggest building your app, or most of it, as a web app, then you can modify pieces of it to be native, with Titanium, Phonegap, etc.

    Of course, this just an idea, but I thought I'd put in my 2 cents.

    Peter Janett

    — answered September 15th 2010 by Peter janett
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