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Titanium iOS module

I have a iOS module I wrote that includes a couple of subprojects as libraries, I'm including the xcodeproj files not the library, within Xcode the test builds just fine, but from what I can see of the output from build.py it seems to not be including the subprojects, what modifications do I need to do for it to use the subproject?

EDIT: after a little more research it seems that the -all_load flag I add within xcode is not liked in build.py…

— asked September 14th 2010 by JT Jankowiak
  • build.py
  • ios
  • module
  • xcode
1 Comment
  • After building each project within xcode as release it works… Any way to make it build automatically all the dependencies?

    — commented September 14th 2010 by JT Jankowiak

1 Answer

  • Was the issue resolved? I am facing the same issue. can you put some more light on the topic?

    — answered March 31st 2015 by Paresh Thakor
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