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ImageView Problems after 1.4 update

Two things happen.

  1. Below code: on imageView "imgDirections", when I go to winGame.remove after an animation, it does not get remove. Instead it pops up again, and if I click on it, it will animate back down and then pop up again. repeatedly…

  2. I have another imageView, when I try to use the move event it will just jump around the screen sporadically.

As per a previous suggestion I had upgraded my logger.py and pre-something.py to the recent patch. And it does not work.

Please Help Me, I was done with the program, and about to submit to the app store but now it does not work properly.

//Directions ANIMATION
var directionsDown = Titanium.UI.createAnimation();
directionsDown.duration = 1500;
directionsDown.zIndex = 100000;
directionsDown.repeat = 0;
directionsDown.autoreverse = false;
directionsDown.delay = 0;
directionsDown.top = 490;
directionsDown.opacity = 0.05;

function animateDirectionsDown(){
imgDirections.animate(directionsDown, function(){




— asked September 15th 2010 by Jason Brock
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1 Answer

  • Is there anybody that knows why my animations are not all working when I switched to Titanium 1.4 and iOS 4.1?

    — answered September 15th 2010 by Jason Brock
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