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Encrypt data


I am wanting to check if there is any built-in mechanism in Titanium to encrypt data. This is to encrypt customer's sensitive information and send it across to a web service. I have both triple DES & Rijndael algorithm implemented on the server side.

Please help.


— asked September 15th 2010 by Sravan Vinjamuri
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2 Answers

  • fwiw, we have used the google aes code from here


    and then unzipped and included the file under rollups/aes.js
    You can use it like this …

    var encrypt = function(message){
        var encrypted = CryptoJS.AES.encrypt(message, "Secret Passphrase");
        var obj = {};
        obj.iv     = encrypted.iv.toString();
        obj.s     = encrypted.salt.toString();
        obj.ct     = encrypted.ciphertext.toString(CryptoJS.enc.Base64);
        return obj;
    var decrypt = function(obj){
        var cipherParams = CryptoJS.lib.CipherParams.create({
            ciphertext: CryptoJS.enc.Base64.parse(obj.ct)
        cipherParams.salt = CryptoJS.enc.Hex.parse(obj.s);
        cipherParams.iv= CryptoJS.enc.Hex.parse(obj.iv);
        var message =CryptoJS.AES.decrypt(  cipherParams  , "Secret Passphrase").toString(CryptoJS.enc.Utf8);
        return message;
    — answered August 23rd 2012 by nigel taylor
    • I cannot decrypt with this code. Encrypt is OK, I can access all parts of the encrypt object but there's no way I can use the decrypt function. Too bad…

      — commented November 27th 2013 by michel perrin
    • Did you get a solution for this?

      — commented April 28th 2014 by Martin Johansson
  • You can do this using some js implementations.

    — answered September 15th 2010 by Dan Tamas
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