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Need advice on app design, Transitioning through lots of views and windows

Hey guys, I'm working on my second app and I'm having a really hard time conceptualizing the design of this one.

It's really simple, I've got about 50 messages that need their own view/window? and to be able to swipe through to the next one, one message at a time. Forwards and backwards would be a plus, as well as the ability to start at message 30/50.

The same functionality as "Cool Facts" in the app store.

I'll take any advice, pointers, etc. I've been at a loss for days working on little "tests" to figure this out.

— asked September 16th 2010 by Ryan Gartin
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2 Answers

  • I had a similar problem.

    My first approach would be to create all windows up front (30 in my case), but that caused serious performance problems - Already at ten windows I would notice a performance degradation.

    The solution was to have only two windows and update their contents instead. In my case all windows very a like, the only difference where a label, an image and a soundfile. So I stored the data in arrays and updated each window with the corresponding data. Works great!

    Just keep a counter so you now where in the array you are and the direction you're taking.


    — answered September 21st 2010 by Joacim Boive
  • HI Ryan

    Have you tried the kitchen Sink example scroll_views_scrollable.js? this should do it nicely I would have thought.

    Good luck


    — answered September 22nd 2010 by Mark Pierce
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