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Certificates Problem

I'm trying to get my app testable on my iphone, I have my certificates, profiles, etc.

In Titanium, its telling me to "Obtain the WWDR Intermediate Certificate", as well as the "Obtain Development Certificate".

I have them both, but its not being registered or something with Titanium.

How do I resolve this? When I click the links, my default browser is firefox, is it trying to check and see if I download them through safari or something?


Got them installed. Now, though, my SDK is gone from the choices to build with. WTH?

— asked September 16th 2010 by Josh Lewis
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3 Answers

  • Well, here's how I finally got it to build (even though its crashing on the phone now).

    1 - Install your certificates
    2 - In Xcode->Organizer, load your provisioning profile
    3 - In Titanium, add that profile
    4 - Also load the one generated when you load it into Organizer (somewhere in library/mobileapplications/provisioningprofiles
    5 - The generated one is the one to use. This creates the app and loads it into iTunes

    — answered September 17th 2010 by Josh Lewis
  • Never got that to work. Didn't put all that much of an effort in to it though as I thought it was simpler to install my applications directly thru the XCode project.

    Just follow the instructions from Apple under the developer resources. Open the XCode project created by Titanium (under build/iphone), select "Device" (top - left dropdown) and "Build and run".

    For some reason I always need to set the drop down twice - first select Simluator and then select Device. Otherwise it always launches the Simulator instead of installing the app to my phone.


    — answered September 17th 2010 by Joacim Boive
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    • That does seem easier. However, mine doesnt detect my device with the Titanium projects. The organizer sees it, I have my provisioning profile loaded, and it picks up my other ones, but when I check it in Xcode, there is "check mark" beside it. If I create a new project, then the option stays, but I cant install then because of code-signing and whatnot.

      — commented September 17th 2010 by Josh Lewis
  • Hm, I cant get it to actually see my device. The Organizer shows it with all of the info, but I can't select it when it comes time to build it. A new project DOES, but I dont have any provisioning setup for those.

    Does the build make an App file anywhere I could just drag and drop into itunes? I've used Appmakr before and they do a build and give you the actual App file that you add to itunes and then sync.

    — answered September 17th 2010 by Josh Lewis
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