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Problems packaging & uploading to iTunes Connect

Alright so I am trying to upload my Application to iTunes Connect but I am having so much trouble… Never had this problem before. What am I doing wrong?

I try Packaging via Titanium Developer but I just get "Packaging Error" and nothing happens after that. So I try opening the project in XCode and building it there and it builds fine (With like 300 warnings, though). So I go to the .app file and Compress it into a .ZIP, browse to it via "Application Loader", then when I hit send I get this:

Annoying errors.

Anybody have any idea and can help me? I'm so stumped :( I've deleted and re-built like 80 times, trying different settings each time… I don't know what's going :(

— asked September 17th 2010 by Colton Arabsky

1 Answer

  • Try to pack you APP via Xcode.

    — answered September 17th 2010 by Carl Jahn
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