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Cannot call property takePicture

Hi,I have a problem while using function "Titanium.Media.takePicture();"

here is my code




but things goes wrong,it returned me a Runtime Error with
"Cannot call property takePicture in object ti.modules,titanium.media.MediaModule@44c996c0. It is not a function,it is "object""

is takePicture a property but not a function?how do i use it?

— asked September 18th 2010 by Wen Bin
  • camera
  • takepicture

1 Answer

  • No, it's a function. I'm not sure why it wouldn't work. I suggest just taking that out and letting the user take the picture him/her self?

    — answered September 19th 2010 by Colton Arabsky
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    • Hi Colton,there seems always something wrong with operate camrea,for example,I can only take PHOTO but no VIDEO using Titanium.Media.showCamera(),althought i have set "mediaTypes:Ti.Media.MEDIA_TYPE_VIDEO,",and the photo I take is always 320*240,and I can't change the quality.
      could you give me some advice?

      — commented September 19th 2010 by Wen Bin
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