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Newbie: Titanium.UI.currentWindow OR My First Minutes With Titanium

hi all,

just downloaded titanium and tried to compile the kitchensink examples, which unfortunately do not compile (stops at [INFO] Detected custom font: comic_zine_ot.otf and that's it).

i then created a new project, compiled it and it worked (the basic tab1/tab2 one), so i doesn't seem to be an install problem, but a kitchensink problem.

i tried to copy single examples to my "helloworld.app" by simply copy+paste from the kitchensink examples to my helloworld app.js, but most examples use

var win = Titanium.UI.currentWindow;

which seems to be a view or window created by the kitchensink "main example" and so it causes a "Result of expression 'win' [null] is not an object. at app.js"

well since it's my first 5minutes with titanium i wondering how to create that basic view or window?

i tried the location.js or the rss.js (yeah, i also copied the included/needed files), but both example refer to "currentWindow" which does not seem to exist.

thanks: lars

— asked September 19th 2010 by Lars Schwarz

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  • Accepted Answer

    If you want to create a window, you use:

    var win = Titanium.UI.createWindow();

    currentWindow is a definition for the current window. It's pretty much just a shortcut so you can define things in the current window or use it for events and not write "Titanium.UI.currentWindow" everytime (Instead you use "win").

    — answered September 19th 2010 by Colton Arabsky
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