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How do you remove zombie apps from

…from the "Your Applications" section of the Admin panel here?

I noticed that I have a few zombie apps under the "Your Applications" section of my Admin page for my user account here (in the same spot where you enable/disable analytics). Maybe it's because I'd removed the project from TD? Anyway, I have apps projects there that I'll never do anything with, so I was just wonder how I'm supposed to clean that up.

— asked March 24th 2010 by Christopher Rumpf
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3 Answers

  • There does not seem to be a way to delete them. Th eonly way to get them out of teh list is by disabling them. To do that just go to your app screen and click ok the desired app. On the left side of the apps name a grey cross will appear now. When you click on that the app will get disabled and removed from the 'Active Apps' list. To enable the app again, goto the 'All 'Apps' tab, click on the name again, and on the leftside a blue eye-thing will appear. If you click that the app will be enabled again and will show up under the 'Active Apps' tab.

    — answered March 24th 2010 by Glenn Tillemans
  • EDIT: NVM, i misread your post, please ignore my reply!

    If you click on the project and then click on "info", you should be able to delete the project from there. It will ask you if you want to delete the files, i suggest you keep in case you need to add it back in the future.

    — answered March 24th 2010 by Sj Singh
  • Be careful…not sure if this is the case with 1.1, but I believe in previous versions when you delete a project, it deletes it from the harddrive as well. I made the mistake of wanting to see what I did previously, so I loaded up my backup copy, searched for my work, and then removed the project, which deleted my backup

    — answered March 24th 2010 by Will Collins
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