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Custom URL Arguments


I've added a custom URL scheme to my iPhone app's info.plist (as per http://developer.appcelerator.com/question/11181/launching-your-own-application-via-a-custom-url-scheme) but I'm having a problem when passing in arguments with the URL call.

When the "resume" event fires in my app I check for any arguments in the url and, if any exist, I perform the appropriate action. This is great is someone is opening the app from a link in an email or on a website. However, the arguments don't seem to clear once I've opened the app, so if I multitask out then back into the app the arguments are passed back in (ie. the same actions occur every time I re-open the app after opening it via my custom URL). I can obviously get around this by killing the app, but this isn't a solution rather just a work around.

Does anyone know a way to clear the arguments passed to the app? Does anything like Titanium.App.clearArguments() exists?


— asked September 22nd 2010 by Michael Park
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  • Hi MIchael,

    DO you mind to share your code in how do you get the arguments from a call using a CustomURLHandle?

    I don't know why, but my code is not working anymore.


    — commented October 1st 2010 by Antonio Silveira
  • Yes, please share!

    — commented March 8th 2011 by Kelly Redd

1 Answer

  • Anyone have a code sample they care to share to achieve this? I am currently looking for a sample so I can experiment with this…..please?


    — answered May 16th 2011 by Tracy Hayman
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