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iBook PDF reader

I've seen the ability to allow a pdf to be opened in iBooks in a couple Apps. Anyone have any idea how to do this with our good friend Titanium? Gratis!

— asked September 22nd 2010 by Mark Smillie
  • ibooks
  • ios4.1
  • pdf

3 Answers

  • You need a modul which works like this snippet: http://andycodes.tumblr.com/post/738375724/ios4-sdk-opening-pdfs-in-ibooks

    — answered January 26th 2012 by Rainer Schleevoigt
  • Hi,

    I'm the developer of PDFTouch SDK which is a PDF rendering framework for iOS that also has a module for Appcelerator apps. If you want more control about displaying PDF files in your app I would recommend you to use a native PDF module like PDFTouch SDK. You can use it to display PDF files in your app or even make apps like the iBooks app.

    — answered November 19th 2013 by Kemal Taskin
  • Hi, Mark.
    Have you tried the tool Kernal mentioned above. I wonder whether there are some differences between the PDF reader I am testing about these days. Do you have any ideas about it? Or any good suggestion? Thanks in advance.

    Best regards,

    — answered December 9th 2013 by arron lee
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