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default appcelerator app not working after upgrade to titanium sdk 1.4

Since I upgraded to 1.4, I am not able to run the default iPhone application on the iPhone simulator. When I press "Launch" the simulator opens up, the default titanium introductory screen comes up, rotates and then everything is just black. There is no component rendered.

Please help in fixing this.

— asked September 23rd 2010 by Chirag Srivastava
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2 Answers

  • i feel u have to change the build path force it to full build

    go to the root of your project, in build/iphone and delete the build folder( so delete the folder myApp/build/iphone/build)

    let me know

    — answered September 23rd 2010 by Varun Atluri
  • Hi Varun,
    Thanks for answering.
    Tried this. But same result.
    This is what I am doing…
    (1) I created a new project using SDK 1.2 after installing 1.4.
    (2) Tried to run the project with iPhone sdk 3.1. The simulator launches but after displaying the default startup screen for appcelerator and rendering the animation, the whole display area in the simulator just turns black. For iPhone SDK I have versions3.1.2, 3.1.3 and 3.2.

    Below is the debug info - if it is of any help…
    [INFO] Compiling JavaScript…one moment
    [INFO] No JavaScript errors detected.
    [INFO] One moment, building …
    [INFO] Performing full rebuild. This will take a little bit. Hold tight…
    [DEBUG] copy resources from /Users/cs/Projects/hw/Resources to /Users/cs/Projects/hw/build/iphone/tmp
    [DEBUG] copying: /Users/cs/Projects/hw/Resources/app.js to /Users/cs/Projects/hw/build/iphone/tmp/app.js
    [DEBUG] copying: /Users/cs/Projects/hw/Resources/default_app_logo.png to /Users/cs/Projects/hw/build/iphone/tmp/default_app_logo.png
    [DEBUG] copying: /Users/cs/Projects/hw/Resources/KS_nav_ui.png to /Users/cs/Projects/hw/build/iphone/tmp/KS_nav_ui.png
    [DEBUG] copying: /Users/cs/Projects/hw/Resources/KS_nav_views.png to /Users/cs/Projects/hw/build/iphone/tmp/KS_nav_views.png
    [DEBUG] copying: /Users/cs/Projects/hw/Resources/iphone/appicon.png to /Users/cs/Projects/hw/build/iphone/tmp/iphone/appicon.png
    [DEBUG] copying: /Users/cs/Projects/hw/Resources/iphone/Default.png to /Users/cs/Projects/hw/build/iphone/tmp/iphone/Default.png
    [DEBUG] copy resources from /Users/cs/Projects/hw/Resources/iphone to /Users/cs/Projects/hw/build/iphone/tmp
    [DEBUG] copying: /Users/cs/Projects/hw/Resources/iphone/appicon.png to /Users/cs/Projects/hw/build/iphone/tmp/appicon.png
    [DEBUG] copying: /Users/cs/Projects/hw/Resources/iphone/Default.png to /Users/cs/Projects/hw/build/iphone/tmp/Default.png
    [DEBUG] compile checkpoint: 0.63 seconds
    [INFO] Executing XCode build…
    [INFO] Executing XCode Compiler [toggle output]
    [INFO] Compile completed in 5.126 seconds
    [DEBUG] executing command: /usr/bin/killall iPhone Simulator
    [DEBUG] removing old log file: /Users/cs/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator/3.1/Applications/D89F7A22-3D84-48B6-B51F-7201AC8367B1/Documents/359a0363-4523-4a3e-921d-91e798227593.log
    [INFO] Launching application in Simulator
    [DEBUG] App Spec: <DTiPhoneSimulatorApplicationSpecifier 0x100303950> specified by path /Users/cs/Projects/hw/build/iphone/build/Debug-iphonesimulator/hw.app
    [DEBUG] SDK Root: <DTiPhoneSimulatorSystemRoot 0x100302190> path=/Developer/Platforms/iPhoneSimulator.platform/Developer/SDKs/iPhoneSimulator3.1.sdk version=3.1 name=Simulator - iPhone OS 3.1
    [DEBUG] using device family iphone
    [INFO] Launched application in Simulator (6.64 seconds)
    [DEBUG] Session started
    [DEBUG] executing command: xcodebuild -version

    Thanks in advance

    — answered September 23rd 2010 by Chirag Srivastava
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