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iPad Splash Screen glitch

Anyone notice the splash screen shift a little while it's being displayed? It jumps up about 5px every time I load the app. Both in vertical and horizontal position. Any fix for this?


— asked September 23rd 2010 by Chris Schultz
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2 Answers

  • Accepted Answer

    I had this problem and solved it by modifying the dimensions to 768x1024 px (portrait) and 1024x768 px (landscape).

    — answered September 24th 2010 by Jose Luna
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    • Worked for me too. Thanks!

      — commented July 12th 2011 by Andrew Mussey
  • I have encountered this problem on iPhone (not iPad) and the problem was that the height of the splash screen image was too small.

    If you're using a screenshot of your app, instead of cropping the image so that the status bar is removed (which will reduce the height of the image), just erase the status bar so that a transparent area is left behind (which will preserve the height).

    — answered September 24th 2010 by James K
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