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Passing data from child window to parent

I have a tableviewrow, i added a click event that opens a new window. When the new child window is closed, i would like to pass back to the parent tableviewrow a value. How can I do this? I see how to pass data from the parent tableviewrow to the child window it spawns, but now I need the data to go back from child to parent since it can be changed on the child window.

— asked September 24th 2010 by B Ben
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    You will want to use events to pass back to the parent. This developer blog entry should help.

    Basically the parent needs an event listener like:

    Ti.App.addEventListener('myCustomEvent', function(event) {
      Ti.API.info('You sent me: '+event.myCustomEventValue);

    The child needs to fire an event:

    Ti.App.fireEvent('myCustomEvent', {
      myCustomEventValue: 'someValue'
    — answered September 24th 2010 by Mike Robinson
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