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Logging (debug,warn,log) control?

Is there any additional control over Ti.API.(debug|warn|log) that will allow the logging to be disabled? For example, when you productize your app, how do you turn all your logging off? In the past, I've just written my own logging wrappers to control this and provide me with additional logging levels and capability, but I wanted to make sure to have a catch-all just in case.

— asked September 24th 2010 by Christopher Rumpf
  • debug
  • error
  • log
  • logging
  • warn

1 Answer

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    There is none. You'll have to roll your own.


    — answered September 24th 2010 by Joacim Boive
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    • That confirms what I've seen. Appcelerator team, please add this as a feature request.

      — commented September 28th 2010 by Christopher Rumpf
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