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Needed: Multi-select OptionDialog

It is needed in my application. Any idea to multi-select using OptionDialog or Picker , but not TableView?

— asked September 24th 2010 by Filip Dimitrovski
  • android
  • mobile
  • multi
  • picker
  • tableview

3 Answers

  • Accepted Answer

    Well if you mean multi-select picker, each column can have it's own value, which in a sense is selecting multiple items.

    But I figure that's not what you are meaning and I haven't ever seen a true multi-select implemented even in a native application (have you?). Typically if you haven't seen it, there's a reason it hasn't been done.

    The typical approach is to create a tableview and when the user clicks add check marks to the end. Then add a button to finalize the selection. You could even create your own little view window to lie on top of the current window to emulate the dialog.

    — answered September 27th 2010 by Mike Robinson
  • Help?

    — answered September 25th 2010 by Filip Dimitrovski
  • there isnt way and maybe you are on the wrong 'design'.
    You should read the Human Interface Guidline from Apple

    — answered September 27th 2010 by Carl Jahn
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