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Can't build app for distribution on iPad - distribution creates no zip file


I can't create any iPad apps under new SDK, nor 1.4.0. My application runs fine in the simulator, and with some messing about with iTunes (v10) I can get it running in debug on my iPad device.

Whenever I try to build the distribution file it says "building distribution" in the message window for a few minutes and then completes but no Zip is ever created. It is creating a new package file under build/iphone/build/Release-iphoneos which I assume is the distribution file (checking the timestamp shows it was created at the time I built for distribution in Titanium) however this file fails when attempting to upload via AppLoader with a "Application failed codesign validation. The signature was invalid, or it was not signed with an Apple submission certificate".

I know for a fact the certificates are valid and the appid matches the appid in Titanium Builder for this app.

Am at my wits end with this, I have built dozens of iPhone and Android apps using Titanium without issue but this latest release of iPad just seems to not work at all.

— asked September 25th 2010 by Boydlee Pollentine
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2 Answers

  • It doesn't create the ZIP File, you have to do that yourself. Right-click on it and click "Compress".

    — answered September 25th 2010 by Colton Arabsky
  • I'm aware the package file needs to be zipped in order to send to Apple I have done this with numerous iPhone apps. My point here is the package file never gets created by Titanium in the first place.

    — answered September 26th 2010 by Boydlee Pollentine
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