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iAds - Appearing Irregularly

Hi all,
I'm racking my brain on this one.

In the simulator the ad seems to only be showing up once in a while. When running on an iPod Touch 4G (in dev), it never shows up.

I'm really not sure what to do here.

I have noticed that when I open the project in xcode, most of the Frameworks are in red, which isn't good.

Also, I'm in Canada, which I assume has a low number of ads available. Not sure if this would impact me.

Anyone have similar issues or any ideas?
Any help would be greatly appreciated! If I find out anything more as I work through the problem, I'll make sure to post.

edit - I'm using Titanium 1.2.1, SDK

edit (2010-09-30)
So after absolutely pulling my hair out, I decided that the reason that I couldn't see ads was because either:

a) I'm in Canada
b) I'm testing on a dev device
c) Both of the above

I submitted an updated binary, making sure to:

1) Setup iAds for the binary in iTunesConnect before submitting it
2) Agree to the iAd contracts

After the updated binary was approved, the iAd management portal was visible on iTunes Connect and within the first couple of hours I saw at least 1 impression.

So, despite never actually seeing an iAd on my own device, apparently other people are able to see it.

If you have a US device and want to see my iAd enabled app, check out http://www.spookysoundpad.com for the download link.

edit (2010-09-25 15:00) - back at it and cannot get it!!! it's killing me. Tried pretty much everything I've found online…

edit (2010-09-25 11:00) - getting closer - added the iad object to the window after opening the window and in the simulator the ad is showing every time I launch the app. Also, if I launch it in the simulator with 4.0 simulator in xcode, the ad doesn't show, but if I launch it in the 4.1 simulator in xcode, it does.
Still no test ad when launching it on the device though - either via iTunes or xcode.

thanks in advance!

  • Jamie
— asked September 25th 2010 by Jamie Beach
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  • I downloaded your app, installed it and saw a zoosk ad on first launch. While I was typing this the ad disappeared and no other appeared. Relaunched app and apps ran as expected.
    Also no sure what the app is suppose to do but I wasn't getting any sounds at all??
    Device is iPod touch running 4.1.

    I have an application running iAds myself. I was not able to see an ads for the first week on my iTouch even though I had friends that owned an iPhone running 4.0+ and ads where showing 1 in 5 launches of the app. What gets me about this is That this is an update version. We had really low downloads and made the application free with ads. In one day I had 1503 download updates and a really low fill rate of 11%? any ideas? Wouldn't you think that it would be higher? Something doesn't seem right.

    — commented October 26th 2010 by Jeffrey Messick

2 Answers

  • i was reading through apple's docs, and i remember i caught somewhere that the test iAds will often throw in failures - so you can test your app's behavior when that also happens ("To assist you in validating your implementation, the iAd Network occasionally returns errors to test your error handling code."). so, that was my guess why sometimes ads would not load in the simulator.

    however, i also do not see any test iAds when testing on my device, and it is worrying me a bit. the iAd guide doesn't specifically say anything about device vs. simulator. but.. um… it bothers me. is just this something to do with appcelerator? or, is this normal for iAd apps? anyone??

    — answered October 26th 2010 by paul seymour
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    • I've noticed the same thing. The ads show up fine in the simulator, but not on the device.

      — commented October 29th 2010 by Steven Day
  • OK!!!! i got the test iAds to show up. no credit to me at all - i found the answer on the dev forums.

    you have to run your app via xcode with the iphone tethered to your computer. THEN it gets test iAds served to it. i was always just testing the app handheld. so, it never showed the test ads.

    — answered October 26th 2010 by paul seymour
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