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Any way to clone an object?

I have an array of Titanium.UI.WebView objects.
I want to add them to a view and show that in the current window - this is working fine.

The problem is if I remove the container view and try to recreate it later using the original WebView array I get nothing (presumably because the array is full of pointers to null objects).

Here is some sample code to demonstrate:


function webv(vurl){
    return Titanium.UI.createWebView({url:vurl, borderWidth: 1, borderColor: '#000', height: 250, width: 250});   

var mainWin = Titanium.UI.createWindow({title: 'Web Test'}); 

var wvs = [];

var wvcontainer = Titanium.UI.createView({layout: 'horizontal'});


//uncomment these to see the problem in action
//var wvcontainer2 = Titanium.UI.createView({layout: 'horizontal'});

Is there a way to clone the original objects so I can use them again later? I could just hide the view, but I might want the WebView's in a different format (like a table for example).

Removing the view is killing reference to its children - how can I get around this?

Any advice would be appreciated.

— asked September 25th 2010 by Jon Keys
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6 Answers

  • I believe from a little research, you would have to use the "eval" function.


    Pieces of the dynamic object or variable will be stored in arrays.
    You would peice the object together from the conjunction on a string and an increment
    This process would allow you to possibly find a variable to .hide or destroy it.

    //data would be an array
    //var i = 0;
    eval("var img_" + i + "=123;");
    //store data into array "data"
    — answered September 27th 2010 by Jason Brock
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    • That would work, but then I would be recreating EVERY Javascript AND native object each time I want to reuse them. It would work in a pinch but it seems a little hacky. Thanks for your help!

      — commented September 28th 2010 by Jon Keys
  • I was trying to do this earlier, I could not figure it out. I hope someone can help clearify this! This would be a world of help!

    — answered September 25th 2010 by Jason Brock
  • i don't think so, because as i understand every Ti.* object has to have a corresponding Objective-c class-instance, so cloning would have to be done by a method on the objective-c side

    — answered September 25th 2010 by Christian Sigl
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    • I agree … I see a new feature request in my future :-)

      — commented September 28th 2010 by Jon Keys
  • Maybe you could:

    var yourobject = ....;
    var save_obj = JSON.stringify(yourobject);
    ... do something ....
    var your_old_object = JSON.parse(save_obj);
    — answered September 27th 2010 by Carl Jahn
    • I don't think stringify works for native TI objects.

      — commented September 27th 2010 by Fabiano Taioli
    • The thing is the JS objects stay in tact, but the underlying native objects get garbage collected. So I have JS objects but they don't work.

      — commented September 28th 2010 by Jon Keys
  • function clone(o) {
     if(!o || ‘object’ !== typeof o)  {
       return o;
     varc = ‘function’ === typeof o.pop ? [] : {};
     var p, v;
     for(p in o) {
     if(o.hasOwnProperty(p)) {
      v = o[p];
      if(v && ‘object’ === typeof v) {
        c[p] = clone(v);
      else {
        c[p] = v;
     return c;
    — answered November 19th 2012 by Daniyar Supiev
  • Any ideas?

    — answered September 27th 2010 by Fabiano Taioli
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