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Android apps on ubuntu

Hello, I WOULD like to create android apps using titanium but i can't. I had some bad experiences trying to run titanium under ubuntu 10.04. I finally get to work, the main window show up and i was using it now but there's a little problem. I can't test my android projects. Under the tab "Test and package" There's an option "Run on emulator" but it doesn't work. Can anyone help me? My dream is make android apps, but i can't


(I already have the android sdk, an android platform installed and titanium but titanium doesn't work, help me)

— asked September 26th 2010 by Guillermo Chavez
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2 Answers

  • It's been awhile since I set up Titanium Developer, but … did you fill out everything in your profile? (Above "Perspectives" look for the single person icon.) That's where you tell it where to find your Android SDK. Once you've done that, all your installed SDKs should become available.

    — answered September 27th 2010 by Steve Yelvington
  • I made it work installing an update for the SDK to 1.4 and now everything seems works but titanium can't send the packed app to the emulator. It says "Time out". Is there another way to install the packed app to the emulator with command line or something even simplier

    — answered September 27th 2010 by Guillermo Chavez
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