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Switch from one window/tab to another

I have three main windows in a tab group. Let's call one login, implemented in login.js, and another main, implemented in main.js .

On successful login, I'd like to make the main window (tab) active. That is, from within login.js, I'd like to switch to main.js .

It looks like the globals I've defined in app.js (eg. the tabgroup variable) are not available to me in login.js, so how do I switch tabs?

— asked September 29th 2010 by Parand Darugar
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    You should be able to get the tabGroup from the current window. Once you have that, you can use the setActiveTab function, like so:

    var tabGroup = Ti.UI.currentWindow.tabGroup;
    //assuming 1 corresponds to your "main" tab
    — answered September 29th 2010 by Mike Dosey
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    • Thanks Mike.

      — commented September 29th 2010 by Parand Darugar
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