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turning off the auto 'glare' effect on app icon

apparently doing this in the tiapp.xml file:


Should do the job, not so for me, have tried cleaning my build files, still can't turn it off. Any one have similar probs?

— asked September 29th 2010 by Leigh Kayley
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4 Answers

  • I tried doing a rebuild but it still didn't affect it on the device. What did work for me though was:

    edit the root info.plist

    /Library/Application Support/Titanium/mobilesdk/osx/

    and adding this line


    found the info in this

    — answered October 6th 2010 by Leigh Kayley
  • This worked for me:

    in tiapp.xml


    Then launch iphone simulator -> delete your app -> build clean -> then run on iphone simulator

    — answered July 18th 2012 by Wade S
  • I just tested in Ti Developer 1.2.1, Ti SDK, iPhone SDK 4.1. Setting prerendered-icon to true has no effect in the simulator (heck, I can't remember the last time I got anything but a white icon in the simulator), but it results in the correct rendering of the image icon on the actual device, once you do a rebuild.

    — answered September 29th 2010 by Mike Dosey
  • I changed the flag, forced a full build and then looked at the app file that was created. The info.plist still had the flag enabled even though tiapp.xml was set to false. I'm going to guess this is a bug in Titanium builds and not the simulator.

    Actually I want to update my response. I opened the tiapp.xml and changed the icon name to appicon.png (which is what the iPhone would have expected), deleted the build and went into the simulator and deleted the app and did a full rebuild. I can now see an icon that is displayed exactly as the file shows and no longer has the glare. I don't remember picking default_app_logo.png but that's not the right name AFAIK.

    — answered September 29th 2010 by John McKnight
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