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Ti.Filesystem.getFile, unable to save file from app

I've been working on this for a couple of weeks with no avail
Semon Xue has been very generous and has been trying to help me through email but i am missing something and cant seem to get it to work, so i was gonna ask again.

i am trying to get the phone to save a WAVE file by double clicking on a button.

this is the code i am trying. where 'sound.wav' is the file i am trying to save to the phone.
I have tried with and without the single quotes
<script src='http://pastie.org/1194593.js'></script>

any ideas guys?
thanks in advance

— asked October 1st 2010 by Luke Haviland
  • filesystem
  • getfile

2 Answers

  • By Don Thorp's suggestion that should work, no? I tried it with a 'click' event and no go for me either.

    — answered February 5th 2011 by Nuri Hodges
  • Hi Luke

    Have you seen the Local Data guide that includes an section about the filesystem?

    Also, are you certain file_source.name returns what you expect?


    — answered February 5th 2011 by Paul Dowsett
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