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Parsing HTML without YQL

I am trying to parse the HTML output retrieved by a web page, but after I get the responseText string containing the HTML source I could find a way to call the DOM methods to parse the page. Trying to use responseXML doesn't work because it's a HTML page, and using YQL neither because the source website blocked it. Titanium mobile is advertised to use web technologies so it's seems to me very strange that can't be used basic DOM manipulation functions.
thank you in advance

— asked October 2nd 2010 by Antonio Calanducci
  • dom
  • html
  • parse
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  • Great question, I'm looking at the same thing right now and it looks like I'll need to implement something from scratch unless I am overlooking something obvious.

    — commented October 14th 2010 by Brian Raymond

1 Answer

  • Antonio, you may want to take a look at jsom. See also cheerio. In theory, either of these could be included into a Titanium mobile project as CommonJS modules.

    — answered August 11th 2012 by Bob Sims
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