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WebView navigation

How can I navigate in WebView? Is there something like webview.goBack()

— asked March 10th 2010 by John Kowalski
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2 Answers

  • Any help? Is there any way to create "back" button for WebView? Does it keep browse history?

    — answered March 11th 2010 by John Kowalski
  • I would definitely like to see this implemented too. It would be really useful.

    The iPhone SDK does have the ability to do it using the canGoback and canGoForward properties and then the goBack and goForward methods.

    It's just a question of it being implemented and exposed by Appcelerator back to our webViews in JavaScript.

    One thing to note, is that that would only work for remote urls and not for 'constructed' webViews which use the 'html' property due to how Apple's SDK works - though this could possibly be hacked around using and array/stack of html content.

    — answered March 17th 2010 by Kosso
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