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Radio streaming

Hi, i am trying to run live radio streaming using aacp file format using the code,

var url = "http://den1.atl.com/na-live-64";

var streamer = Titanium.Media.createAudioPlayer({url:url,audioSessionMode:Titanium.Media.AUDIO_FORMAT_AAC,preload:true,allowBackground:true});

playBtn.addEventListener('click',function() {


but error msg come "Audio queue creation failed." . I don't know what to do further. Can any one tell me what should i do?

Please help me i am posting this twice and quite bit stuck in this. Thanks in advance

— asked October 4th 2010 by utpal kishen
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1 Answer

  • Utpal - I also want to be able to steam in aac and asked the same question some months ago. However the Appcelerator API doesn't support aac (only mp3) and nobody seems to want to give me any clue as to if it will ever be supported.

    — answered October 5th 2010 by Patrick Mounteney
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