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Searchbar animate cancel button


I have a searchbar that is NOT connected to a table view. I wan't to mimic the animation of the cancel button when the searchbar gains focus if it's connected to a tableview.

On focus I set showCancel to true and on blur I set it to false. But this does not produce any animation.

Any ideas on how to get the animation?

— asked October 4th 2010 by Magnus Ottosson
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4 Answers

  • I'm also looking to do this. did you figure it out?


    — answered January 3rd 2011 by Dave F
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    • Sorry, never solved this.

      — commented January 3rd 2011 by Magnus Ottosson
  • i've checked source code of SearchBar at github master branch and I think it's not possible at the moment. You can compile your own SDK to make it animated.

    in: iphone/Classes/TiUISearchBar.m

    About line 70:


    [search setShowsCancelButton:[TiUtils boolValue:value]];


    [search setShowsCancelButton:[TiUtils boolValue:value] animated:YES];

    I haven't tried by myself but it would be very nice feature to make it optional (or just make it default, so no more ugly/instant visible/hidden cancel buttons).

    — answered May 6th 2011 by Hidayet Doğan
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    • I've tested it with latest github master branch and it works like a charm. I'm also working on scopeBar for searchBar UI component but I still couldn't get it working so I'm not an Obj-C guy :)

      — commented May 27th 2011 by Hidayet Doğan
  • If you look in the latest KitchenSink for Titanium 1.6.x you will see that table_view_api_search.js has the code you're looking for. :) Works flawless on my iPhone 4 and iPad 2!


    — answered May 6th 2011 by Paul Nelson
  • I logged an issue in Jira about this. Hopefully it can get addressed.

    — answered May 25th 2011 by Phil Oye
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    • I should probably add that if you want this addressed, it would be a good idea to upvote the issue.

      — commented May 29th 2011 by Phil Oye
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