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toImage(), return a screenshot of a tableview largen than screen.


I use toImage() to get a screenshot of a tableview. The problem is that the tableview has more rows than are displayed on the screen.

Is there a way to take a screenshot of the entire tableview?

— asked October 5th 2010 by Magnus Ottosson
  • tableview
  • toimage

1 Answer

  • Hi,

    someone solved this issue?

    — answered October 24th 2011 by F. Huber
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    • I'm looking for capturing a scrollview 800x900.
      The problem: a major part of this view is not shown on screen.

      Perhaps like this http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2200736/how-to-take-a-screenshot-programmatically but in Titanium?

      — commented October 24th 2011 by F. Huber
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