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evalJS very slow. Is this a emulator-only issue?


having not a real Android device to test applications, I ask you if one of you has ever experienced that sending a JS with evalJS to a webview is working, but it is very slowly.

It is slow on the emulator, let's say, if I have a simple javascript changing the color of text inside the webview, with a local HTML, via a button-click, text is changing its color properly, but not instantaneously, that is after about 4-5 seconds.

Should I publish the application however or this is a problem of the real device as well, with apps made with Titanium, using evalJS and webview?


— asked October 6th 2010 by Fabio Ricci
  • android
  • js
  • publish
  • webview

1 Answer

  • Webviews are slow in general, but you should really test on a device before publishing an application.

    — answered October 7th 2010 by Don Thorp
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