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Java Error Loading Preferences? also [ERROR] apkbuilder.bat?

I'm having a problem with getting it all to work.
I've installed everything (I think) and when I try to test anything in the Android emulator, a Java window pops up saying 'Error Loading Preferences'…wait now…

I was about to say that the emulator didn't work, but since i was typing and not messing with it it came up, it just took a long time. Ok then, error #2:

I was trying the 'hello world' app. It has loaded, I get an error:
[ERROR] C:\android-sdk\tools\apkbuilder.bat

Should I worry about either issue?

Thanks in advance!

BTW, other posts suggest this url, which doesn't seem to work:

— asked October 6th 2010 by ted goodridge
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2 Answers

  • The apkbuilder.bat error does show on my system too, and it's since I updated to the latest version of android 2.2 API 8 - revision 2.

    The only trouble I notice is that when first launching the emulator, it takes 3 attempts to launch the app. Thereafter I can work all day, launching any apps, and it isn't a problem.

    I really should find a solution but I can tolerate it for now and there are other things more pressing. :)

    — answered November 17th 2010 by Paul Dowsett
  • Ted

    Are you still having this issue? If so, what verion of Java are you using? It must be Sun's Java 6 (1.6) revision 10 or above, but not Java 7 (1.7). Also ensure that the JAVA_HOME environment variable points to the correct one, if you have multiple installed.

    Regarding apkbuilder.bat, I have created a post here about it. I hope it explains it adequately.


    — answered November 23rd 2010 by Paul Dowsett
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