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iPhone simulator won't start

Hi everybody, I've got a problem in running a hello word app on iPhone simulator: I installed titanium 1.2 (Titanuim SDK, then i created a new mobile prjoect and I tryed to launch it on the emulator but it says:

[INFO] Compiling JavaScript…one moment
[INFO] No JavaScript errors detected.
[INFO] One moment, building …
[INFO] Titanium SDK version:
[INFO] iPhone Device family: iphone
[INFO] iPhone SDK version: 4.1

and nothing else happens… I'm using OSX 10.6.4

I've already developed an app by myself using XCode and Objective-C, and all worked fine…

Can anyone help me?
Tnx a lot

— asked October 7th 2010 by Davide Barlassina
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2 Answers

  • The first time you build your application it does take longer, try waiting a bit. If you really think nothing is happening try deleting the build/iphone folder and trying again.

    — answered October 7th 2010 by Roger Chapman
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    • Tried it out… it re-creates the folder but it still gives me the same problem…

      — commented October 7th 2010 by Davide Barlassina
  • I tried to open the generated project in XCode and compile it, that's what the debugger says:

    /Users/workup/Documents/Progetti iPhone/titaniumTest/build/iphone/build/titaniumTest.build/Debug-iphonesimulator/titaniumTest.build/Script-241EAF36118E30260081A5BE.sh: line 2: /Library/Application Support/Titanium/mobilesdk/osx/ Permission denied

    seem to be a problem related to permissions… could it be?

    — answered October 7th 2010 by Davide Barlassina
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