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Build in xCode with self signing


I have written a app in Tinanium that I wish to deploy to my jailbroken iPhone for testing. I tested some native iPhone apps written and compiled in xCode with a self signing certificate and they do work fine.

However, every time I want to use the same self signing certificate with the Titanium build xCode-project it does not work.

Does anybody have a workaround for this?



p.s. I using xCode 3.2.4 and iOS4.1

— asked October 8th 2010 by Benjamin van den Berg
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4 Answers

  • Make sure the device is plugged in then in XCode pick Organizer and make sure your device is properly marked for development. I just had an issue where my device became unregistered for development.

    Then open your project in XCode and check these settings.
    Select Target then right click on your application and pick Get Info.

    Check the Properties/Identifier and make sure it matches an existing/working mobile provision.
    Then look at Build/Code Signing Identity and see that it is hooked to an iPhone Developer
    Then Build/Targeted Device Family is iPad
    Then Build/Base SDK is iOS Device 3.2 or iOS Simulator 3.2
    Then in your project dropdown select the iOS 3.2 and Device so it says Device - 3.2 | Debug | Your App

    Once you are this point you should be able to build to the device like your other projects.

    If this doesn't help, please give a more specific explanation of what is happening.

    — answered October 8th 2010 by John McKnight
    • Hi,

      Thank you for your response.

      At the moment I do not have a premium supscription from Apple to deploy my apps to a device. That's why I use a jailbroken iPhone. I'm planning to get the subscription when the app is ready. But for now I wan't to deploy it using a jailbroken iPhone and a Self Signing Certificate from Apple's Keychain app.

      The problem is that apps written in xCode work fine on my jailbroken iPhone. But some sample apps that I've written using Titanium won't compile in xCode. Looks like there is still a setting there that points to a officialcode signing certificate. I double checked my project settings, but it still does not build.

      I get the following error:

      Code Signing Identity 'iPhone Developer' does not match any valid, non-expired, code-signing certificate in your keychain.

      Which is stange because I use a Self Siging Certificate called "Test Developer" that usually does the trick for apps made in xCode only. It's the Titnium apps that still have some setting incorrect.

      Any ideas on this?



      — commented October 9th 2010 by Benjamin van den Berg
    • Is Test Developer listed in the dropdown for Build/Code Signing Identity?

      — commented October 10th 2010 by John McKnight
    • Yep, it's all there. But somehowe it still gives an error concerning the iPhone Developer identity. Very strange, I triple checked my settings. Look like there is still a setting made by Titanium that's causing the problem. As I said, nromal xCode projects don't have this problem. Are there other files that I need to check? Some plist, or something?



      — commented October 11th 2010 by Benjamin van den Berg
  • No one?


    — answered October 22nd 2010 by Benjamin van den Berg
  • You could always just create a new self signed cert for iPhone Developer. That's what I did and I was able to have XCode install the app on my iPhone. I have the same setup as your self, jailbroken 3G, FW 4.1, SDK 4.1 XCode 3.2.4

    — answered October 27th 2010 by Nigel Bazzeghin
  • So let's dig this up from the grave. I can't get mine working. I've created a self-signed cert and configured XCode I believe. The .app file is created ok but it says not verified cert, duh!

    When I sftp my .app over to /Applications and run on device it worked when I was running 4.0.2. Now I updated to 4.2.1 and it gets stuck on 'Powered by Titanium' logo. Other users are experiencing this.

    Please let me know if anyone knows issues. I'm using xcode 3.2.5 and latest Titanium SDK.

    — answered February 21st 2011 by Ryan Gartin
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