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Unable to create new project

Whenever I create a project, it will say "cannot create project".

I have both the iphone and android sdk. The android sdk path is set in my profile as follows: ~/android-sdk-mac_x86/platforms/android-4

Anyone can solve this?

— asked October 10th 2010 by simon lau
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    I'm a Titanium newb, but here are some questions that come to mind:
    -How does your hard drive space look? I think that it takes over 300MB of space each time you create a project.
    -Do you have permission to write files where you are trying to save the project?
    -What operating system are you using?
    -In the Titanium window, when you click on the little person icon over 'perspectives', did you specify your Android SDK folder in the 'Android SDK:' field? (I see you mentioned it, I think it only needs to be something like '/Direct/Path/android-sdk-mac_x86', skipping the 'platforms/android-4' part)

    Hope that helps some. I haven't tried to get iPhone running yet so can't help much there.


    — answered October 10th 2010 by Christopher Stevens
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    • I have a few GB in my HDD and no issue with the write permissions. I am developing on a Mac OS.
      And here is the good news. I changed the path to '~/android-sdk-mac_x86' I can create a project now.

      — commented October 11th 2010 by simon lau
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