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I have two question

  1. Can We use SQL/Oracle Database with Titanium, because our complete business logic is written in Oracle.

  2. How i can use my existing C# code with titanium.

Thank You


— asked October 10th 2010 by Subi Parihar
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    Hi Subi.

    1. You can use SQLite within Titanium applications, Oracle however is not supported. That doesn't mean you couldn't write your own module though.

    2. If you already have a lot of business logic in C# you should probably look at MonoTouch, otherwise this code can not be used in any way in Titanium.

    Hope this helps.


    — answered October 10th 2010 by Angus Peart
  • You might be better off using the XHR requests to communicate with a RESTful JSON or XML formatted API endpoint to your databases on your servers.

    Any database things you need to store on the device/app itself, as Angus says, can be done with SQLite.

    — answered October 10th 2010 by Kosso
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    • Thank You Kosso..

      — commented October 11th 2010 by Subi Parihar
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