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add annotation to google native map

I have opened the native google map from the link, but I don't know a way to put the annotation into it. Here's my code:

var url = "http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=11.5558762589,104.921697935&annotation=11.5558762589,104.921697935&z=15";

If anyone know how to add annotation/marker to the native Google map I've open with the link, please help me.

— asked October 11th 2010 by Borey Lim
  • google maps

1 Answer

  • why not use this:

    — answered October 11th 2010 by l hui
    • I have my own reason for that.

      — commented October 11th 2010 by Borey Lim
    • did you this with native map? i want to add a annotiation to native map for to route and i couldn't do this :(

      — commented February 25th 2012 by Graham Jeffrey
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