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Does ImageView support GIF file?

Does ImageView support GIF file?I mean,a single *.gif file that seems a moving animation,but not a image array.
I want load a single gif file downloaded from web,but it seems does not MOVE.

many thanks!

— asked October 11th 2010 by Wen Bin
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3 Answers

  • Philip's solution to animate using a sequence of images works fine. You could either create an array of image names – or name your images with a sequential number and use an index to load the correct one. Here is a sample of how to code it. Assume that you have 12 images and you number them loader1.png, loader2.png, etc:

    var win = Ti.UI.createWindow();
    // create an imageview and set it to the width and height of your images
    var loaderImage = Ti.UI.createImageView({
    // add it to your window
    // set the length of the images you have in your sequence
    var loaderArrayLength=12;
    // initialize the index to 1
    var loaderIndex=1;
    // this function will be called by the setInterval
    function loadingAnimation(){
      // set the image property of the imageview by constructing the path with the loaderIndex variable
      loaderImage.image = "images/loader-sequence/frame" + loaderIndex + ".png";
      //increment the index so that next time it loads the next image in the sequence
      // if you have reached the end of the sequence, reset it to 1
    // start the setInverval -- adjust the time to make a smooth animation
    var loaderAnimate = setInterval(loadingAnimation,80);
    — answered June 3rd 2011 by brian kurzius
    • To stop it nicely use

      — commented January 20th 2012 by Léon Doornkamp
    • thanks for that , it really helped me , just a point about it :

      • you must stop loaderAnimate using clearInterval(loaderAnimate); when no need for the animation anymore because it take some of the CPU ( in my galaxy tab it take 25% all the time even if the app in the background )

      — commented July 13th 2012 by abdulmajeed h
    • This doesn't seem to work on Android…or am I doing something wrong? I just copy pasted as is.

      — commented July 19th 2012 by Franz Allan See
    • thanks for this…

      for me,
      I added this to stop the Interval.


      — commented August 29th 2013 by Mark Tangpus
    • Thanks for this. One problem which i am facing is the image flickers the first time it is rendered. I am testing this on Android. is this a titanium bug? I am on 3.3.0 GA

      — commented August 27th 2014 by Vishnu Khaunte
  • Image array is great. Using photoshop , save each frame as picture using File->Export->Render Video->Image Sequence.

    Then make array , and start the animation. It's simple and works.

    — answered March 11th 2011 by Philip Rosel
    • Can anyone confirm that this works?

      — commented March 16th 2011 by Joe iEntry
    • do i have to export a gif image or a video??

      — commented September 9th 2011 by Sebastian Klaus
  • Just to confirm, it appears that gif is not supported. See Jigar Panchal's thread: http://developer.appcelerator.com/question/49181/run-animated-gif-image-in-webview-on-andorid.

    However, thanks to Dan Giulvezan who pointed out on a thread (link) you can use the activity indicator to show activity (See docs here). Or it may be appropriate to use the progress bar. Both have examples in KitchenSink/Resources/examples/activity_indicator.js and progress_bar.js.

    — answered March 11th 2011 by Joe iEntry
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    • This is great solution unless the ActivityIndicator doesn't show correctly – for instance, using the videoPlayer on android, the ActivityIndicator does not appear at all until the video loads – so it doesn't help much :-)

      — commented June 3rd 2011 by brian kurzius
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