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Install Failing on Windows 7 x64

I get to the point where it says Downloading and extracting the SDK (1.0.0). The progress bar gets about half full and then i get a message that says "Download failed:", with the messagebox title of Installation Failed"

Any help would be great. I can't even evaluate the product if I can't install it.

I have been able to perform an install on my netbook running Win7 Starter (32-bit). I can only assume that this app does not run on 64-bit windows. I have tried on 2k8 Server 64-bit and Win 7 64-bit with the same failure.

Considering the company didn't see their way to try to even attempt to answer my question, I doubt they will see any of my money anytime soon.

— asked March 25th 2010 by Brian Rizzo
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8 Answers

  • Just to make sure:

    You have downloaded the installer from the website, and you are trying to update right?

    And another thing, have you tried one of the beta versions before?

    — answered March 25th 2010 by Glenn Tillemans
  • I've downloaded the installer (MSI package). I run it and get to the point where it appears to try to download the SDK.

    It fails to install at that point, with the errors i mentioned above.

    — answered March 25th 2010 by Brian Rizzo
  • Same problem here, even with NOD32 and Windows Firewall disabled.
    They should have a "Network Installation" release available with the whole package as an alternate download, like Microsoft does.

    — answered April 7th 2010 by Steve Oziel
  • I get this error message too "Download failed"
    Win7 x64

    — answered September 17th 2010 by Branislav Kollar
  • I have the same issue: win7 32-bit. Just fresh install, I have never installed any beta before. Maybe you have some CDN issues with the server?

    — answered September 18th 2010 by Jaak Laineste
  • I am using win 7 64-bit ultimate and getting the same error. I disabled UAC and NOD32 and even tried running it in various compatibility modes and nothing has works. Does anyone have a solution for this yet?

    — answered September 21st 2010 by Jonathan Gottfried
  • Change the default installation path (eg. "c:\Program Files(x86)\Titanium Developer") to "c:\Titanium Developer".

    — answered October 5th 2010 by Stelian Calaigiu
    • I'll give it a go, but honestly I've lost interest in Titanium after 7 months.

      — commented October 5th 2010 by Brian Rizzo
    • Same issue with the work around you suggested.

      — commented October 5th 2010 by Brian Rizzo
  • I encountered the same problem on various (win 64) machines.

    And Disabling anti virus for the time of the download always did the trick.

    And NOD is the biggest problem…. (also with certain development sites). So disable (i recomed to god-damn uninstall this sh** antivirus software) it and your install will magically work.

    Hope I helped.

    — answered November 26th 2010 by Luka Vulic
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