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Project creation error: Error creating project. Please try again.

Clearly this is a major problem as tonnes of people are having the same issue (perhaps a clue to the administrators?)

Anyway, I'm running Titanium Dev on my Mac and I'm getting this incredibly helpful message whenever I try to create a new project.

I've read the other threads that deal with the same problem and tried all their suggestions, but to no avail.

I'm getting pretty sick of this saga- I don't even want to develop for Android damn it! I'm developing for iPhone.
I've got every single Android API installed, all their samples, Google API etc. but nothing changes.

Any help would be massively appreciated. Ahhhh!

— asked October 14th 2010 by Nicole Park
  • I am also experiencing this issue; application is unusable atm.

    — commented October 14th 2010 by Kai Mallea
  • Yep me too, pretty useless software to me at present.

    — commented October 20th 2010 by Stephen K
  • Come on Appcelerator! Help us poor sods. I used Appcelerator 5 months ago and had these same issues. I ditched it then because I could not even create a project. Got the same error as above. Here I am downloading the latest you have to offer since then to see if you have perhaps fixed the issue, but nope, same problem. Pleease help.

    — commented November 8th 2010 by De Wet Steynberg
  • I deleted and re-installed Titanium and the Android SDK (and additional tools per the instructions). I found that I could still not create new projects. However, I was lucky to have some projects working from previous versions of Titanium. I ran a existing project in the iPhone Simulator and the Android emulator. When I tried to create a new project, it worked. My guess is that there is some kind of path issue (even though I told Titanium where to look for the Android SDK, I think it was still using an old path).

    — commented November 13th 2010 by Jonathan Hunt

8 Answers

  • I am developing for iPhone without Android sdk installed….

    when Titanium prompts for path of android SDK just ignore and close the alert (it isnt mandatory its just an option)…

    Provision of little more info about your problem will be of great help…..

    — answered October 18th 2010 by Satta Ravi
    • Yes- the prompt did come up and I thought I had the SDK installed properly so I clicked that I did want to develop for Android. Since then, the alert has never come up again so I can't choose not to develop with it, hence my problem.

      — commented October 18th 2010 by Nicole Park
    • Buddy go to the profile tab on titanium developer and delete the path for android sdk.Close and reopen the developer and try creating a new project… it should prompt for the android sdk path…

      and i installed the android sdk to check for the problem that you had but it works as a cake for me…

      — commented October 18th 2010 by Satta Ravi
    • Tried that. It just runs the check by itself and says the SDK is installed, showing the tick at the bottom- there is SDK path prompt.
      Are you trying it out on a Mac?

      — commented October 18th 2010 by Nicole Park
  • I just had this problem. This was the solution for me:

    • ensure that the user running TiDev has permission to access the Titanium SDK (group has r-x for directories and r– for files, and the user is a member of that group). In my case, my continuous builds folders in /opt/titanium/mobilesdk/linux (named after the version number of the build) only had root access
    • ensure that the same permissions as above are set on the android sdk, which for me is /opt/android-sdk-linux_86, although I have a symlink called /opt/android-sdk that points to it, and I use this in android tools and the TiDev profile.

    Note that I don't believe that the user needs write permissions to the TiDev install folder (in my case /opt/Titanium Developer-1.2.1) although it must do when there is a new version of the software or official Titanium SDK and it updates. In these cases, I just run TiDev as root to perform the update.

    — answered November 20th 2010 by Paul Dowsett
    • The issue I had next was on the "Test & Package" screen where the bottom text fields (SDK and Screen) constantly had a "loading…" message. I worked out that it was caused by the files in android's tools directory not having execute permissions. Hence, on my system they are located in:


      and changing to that directory and running:

      chmod 755 *

      resolved it, giving the user running TiDev execute permissions on those files.

      — commented November 21st 2010 by Paul Dowsett
    • also, the same permissions needed to be set in


      — commented November 23rd 2010 by Paul Dowsett
  • Hey Buddy

    stuck up with same problem when i removed the Android sdk… from then on it started showing this error msg …. when i create new projects

    deleting the whole Android sdk and reinstalling the the Ti developer solved my Issue ….

    i don't get that Error msg again…. And of course i am using MAC …

    — answered November 21st 2010 by Satta Ravi
  • I was having the same problem. This helped:

    Also manually deleted the titanium folder in /Library/Application Support/

    — answered November 23rd 2010 by Ricky Lall
  • Ah, RTFM moment for me. The SDK Readme that comes with the Android SDK Starter Package clearly states:

    "The Android SDK archive now only contains the tools. It no longer comes
    populated with a specific Android platform or Google add-on. Instead you
    use the SDK Manager to install or update SDK components such as platforms,
    tools, add-ons, and documentation."

    So, I had to run the SDK Manager (tools/android) and install the necessary platforms and Google APIs.

    I'm not sure how/why Titanium passes the SDK check for Android without any platforms installed.

    — answered October 14th 2010 by Kai Mallea
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    • Nope- did that. Every possible update in the SDK Manager has been installed.

      — commented October 15th 2010 by Nicole Park
  • Try swapping titanium SDK

    — answered October 15th 2010 by Wei Bingshu
    • What do you mean?

      — commented October 15th 2010 by Nicole Park
    • If you mean picking 1.2.0 from the dropdown instead of I've already tried that.

      — commented October 15th 2010 by Nicole Park
  • Try swapping titanium SDK

    — answered October 15th 2010 by Wei Bingshu
  • Try swapping titanium SDK

    — answered October 15th 2010 by Wei Bingshu
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