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Titanium 1.5

When titanium 1.5 going to released?

— asked October 15th 2010 by Karthikeyan Chandran
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  • Hi,

    I'll be blogging next week about the approximate release date of 1.5, and the high-level features.

    Bringing a lot of features to the Android platform and delivering quality across our mobile platforms are some key goals.

    Note that for you Android developers we have just merged in a major refactor to master, which will create a better performing and complete platform; but for the moment has created some new regressions. But we will work through that quickly. The main master branch is generally what will become 1.5 going forward.

    If you need to use a more stable branch on Android, use 1.4.2 for now. That is a snapshot before we merged in the Android refactor , and we even merge some critical fixes into it.

    Stay tuned for a blog about what we expect to be a great R1.5! It has taken a bit longer then our usual release time-span, but we are trying to achieve a lot of great things in this release.


    Ralf Pfeiffer

    Dir, Platform Engineering

    — commented October 15th 2010 by Ralf Pfeiffer

4 Answers

  • When it's ready.

    EDIT: They did say sometime in October but let's wait for a better QA this time. We want 1.5 to the best, right?

    — answered October 15th 2010 by Swaroop Hegde
  • You could grab one of the continuous builds from;


    That'll have a bunch of bug fixes rolled into it. But like Swaroop say, we want 1.5 when it's ready, and in the mean time the builds above will fix lots of bugs.

    — answered October 15th 2010 by Matt Collinge
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    • Thank you,its very useful to us.

      — commented October 15th 2010 by Karthikeyan Chandran
  • Is that version from your continues build system built from the github repo or does it contain code that isn't there?

    — answered October 15th 2010 by Wojciech Piekutowski
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    • Your first guess is correct. 1.5 will come from the master branch, and 1_4_X is there to be the more stable one, as it's mostly 1.4 with crashers fixed, as to reduce regression issues. The continuous build is what QA does testing on.

      — commented October 22nd 2010 by Blain Hamon
  • What exactly is going to be in 1.5 though?

    — answered October 15th 2010 by Josh Lewis
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    • We don't have a definitive list yet.

      — commented October 15th 2010 by Don Thorp
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