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Position relative to previous element

Hi all,

Is it possible to position an element relative to the previous one?

I have to labels, and there should be a 15px space between them, but the problem is, the length of the text in the first label can be anything from one line to 20 lines, so I can't set a fixed offset for the second label, and only have the 15px space between them.

Is there any workaround the handle this?

Kind Regards

— asked October 15th 2010 by Daniel Juhl Mogensen
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4 Answers

  • try adding

    layout:'vertical' property to the window…

    and for every element that you add just keep the "top:15" ……

    Guess this should do the trick….

    — answered October 18th 2010 by Satta Ravi
  • This type of solution worked for me:

    var top = 0;
    var label1 = Ti.UI.createLabel({
        text: 'text',
        height: 'auto',
        top: top + 15
    top = label1.top + label1.height;
    var label2 = Ti.UI.createLabel({
        text: 'text',
        height: 'auto',
        top: top + 15
    top = label2.top + label2.height;
    — answered October 15th 2010 by Charles Davison
  • Actually Sattanaathan is right, but you can also set this property layout:'vertical' to view, and it's work for me as well.

    — answered April 26th 2012 by Pierre Lesigne
  • Best option I can think of is to use a view for each element with the end of the first of beginning of the second element have a 15px top, left, etc.. definition as needed. Add both of those views to another Scroll view with a vertical or horizontal layout defined. The ScrollView will automatically handle alignment of it's children (views) and then the elements in those views will be aligned with a 15px difference.

    I hope that makes sense…

    — answered October 15th 2010 by Brian Raymond
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    • It sounds to be a solution, but how to get the ending of the element? If height is set to auto it returns nothing afterwards, at least for labels. Is this different for views?

      — commented October 15th 2010 by Daniel Juhl Mogensen
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