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How do I know when the back button is pressed

I have a 3 level drilldown menu. On the last menu, I add a new window and pass different data to it depending on the row they select.

The problem I face right now is once I open the window and hit back, then open another one, it seems the old window isn't being removed because I can see text over lapping. Is their an event for when it leaves the stage or something?

I just need to determine how and when to remove the window

— asked October 15th 2010 by Ronnie Swietek
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  • remove
  • window
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  • I'm curious about this as well and just started doing searches. Interesting how this question was at the top! :)

    — commented October 15th 2010 by Christopher Stevens

1 Answer

  • I added a blur event to the window which I then do window.close(), but it takes a tad to long to fire. If I am super slow at going back into the window, it works, but if I go back, then click open another window too fast, I am stuck with the same problem.

    So I think I do need the click even of the back button

    — answered October 15th 2010 by Ronnie Swietek
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