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Linux or Windows: Project creation error. Error creating project. Please try again.

After careful installation of Titanium on both Lucid and Windows 7, to be sure I'm not just stupid on one platform, but equally stupid on both, I find it impossible to create a mobile app:

New Project
Project type: Mobile
Name:         MobileApp
App Id:       com.etretatlogiciels.mobileapp
Directory:    C:\Users\russ\Downloads
Company URL:  etretatlogiciels.com
TItanium SDK: 1.4.0
Installed:     x iPhone SDK   v Android SDK

I'm an Android guy; I'm not trying to do iPhone for now.

Last, I confess that when setting up the Android SDK, I used the modern stuff currently available rather than the ancient versions dictated in the Titanium set-up doc (PDF). Perhaps I need to back-rev the Android SDK?

— asked October 15th 2010 by Russell Bateman
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2 Answers

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    Buddy this is a quiet a common issue

    I had a similar issue long back

    Assuming you have installed only Android 2.2, is the cause for the problem..

    Titanium For some reason i don t know why , depends on Android 1.6…

    Performing a complete install of all Android SDK's(1.5 - 2.2) solved it…

    — answered October 18th 2010 by Satta Ravi
    • Whoa! This could be the answer. I'll do that and if so, this answer gets my mark. I'd still like to know where to go to get actual logging or error information, however. Thanks!

      — commented October 18th 2010 by Russell Bateman
    • on your Titanium developer….. just click on the list displaying 'info' thats next to the SDK….You will get Trace,info,warn,debug, and error loggers..

      — commented October 18th 2010 by Satta Ravi
    • Oh, yeah, baby. It's just that easy! Thanks!

      — commented October 18th 2010 by Russell Bateman
  • Hi Russell,

    What errors are you getting when trying to create a project?

    Is Titanium finding the Android SDK? It should work with the latest SDK download from Google, as long as it's up to date.


    — answered October 17th 2010 by Angus Peart
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    • Thanks for responding. Yes, I looked to see a place for errors, a log file, etc., but didn't find one. I am using a very recent Android SDK (8) I already had and have been using (quite successfully) Android/Eclipse projects. Please tell me where to look for errors; there are none reported in the Titanium application that I have found nor in any obvious files underneath. (I probably just need to know the path to the log file?)

      — commented October 17th 2010 by Russell Bateman
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