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Drawing, and save the picture

Hi; I'm looking for a way to draw, in a white box (one color, like black), and to save the drawing in the photo album, or in a database…

I've seen someone did it in a Titanium powered app, so i guess it's possible…

If you have code samples, it would be great…



— asked October 16th 2010 by Ivan Mathy
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3 Answers

  • I have been Researching on that a couple of months back….Guess you have two options..

    1. create a custom module to do the painting stuff….

    2.use a html canvas(webview)and handle the touch events….(i have seen a working code example on this very forum).

    and to store it as an image just use the toImage method of the window…

    — answered October 17th 2010 by Satta Ravi
  • Hey Ivan.

    I have a working example f drawing here for you


    The megaupload link has a project you can import.
    It doesn't have a save feature yet cause I didn't look at it yet.
    It is a webview drawing app cause using titanium is nearly impossible without a module.
    Seeing as i'm no pro in Obj-C I can't make it.
    I know mr. Haynie has a Ti.Paint module but that will be released in the marketplace which has no launch date set.

    So I guess it's either this webview version or wait for the marketplace.

    Patrick van Zadel

    — answered October 18th 2010 by Patrick van Zadel
  • Thanks you, I'll take a look.

    Do you know more about the marketplace? I've never read anything about it…


    — answered October 18th 2010 by Ivan Mathy
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    • The marketplace arrives or should arrive Q1 2011 now according to the last screencast thingy

      — commented November 1st 2010 by Patrick van Zadel
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