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iPhone 4 not displaying @2x TableViewRow leftImage

I've created two png images for the leftImage property of the Titanium.UI.TableViewRow, both properly named with the @2x version having the double size of the normal png.

When testing on the iPhone simulator, the correct @2x version loads (verified this by painting a red circle on that version of the png) but on the iPhone 4, the normal sized version is loaded no matter what I tried.

iPhone Simulator - http://gyazo.com/506e7ad741571bf7aad8c56d29d8ada5.png

iPhone 4 - http://gyazo.com/e845adf18dd51b893c57babb13bc845a.png

I've tried so far.

  1. leftImage as intended.
  2. creating a view, then an imageview which was added to the tableviewrow.
  3. tableviewrow background image just in case it worked.

I'm going to leave it for now since i've spent far too much time trying to fix it. If anyone has any idea what's going on here, it will be appreciated.

ps. toolbar @2x icons and Default.png @2x work perfectly.

— asked October 16th 2010 by A C
  • @2x
  • iphone4
  • retina
  • tableviewrow

3 Answers

  • Do you recall the thread location about this? I am having the same issue. The background image work around doesn't work for me?

    — answered October 17th 2010 by Jeffrey Messick
  • I think I remember a bug about this, with the workaround being to use a background image instead of a normal image.

    Try that to see if it helps…

    Peter Janet


    — answered October 17th 2010 by Peter janett
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    • It didn't work Peter. Thanks for the heads up.

      — commented October 18th 2010 by A C
  • Going to settle for the low version of the image for the time being hoping this bug gets fixed in the next release of the SDK. There is no point in trying to use workarounds for something that should work as intended.

    — answered October 18th 2010 by A C
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