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App runs fine in simulator, hangs on load screen on device

My application runs just fine in the simulator but gets stuck on the loading screen/image on my device.

  • iPhone 4 (iOS 4.1 (8B117))
  • Xcode 3.2.3
  • Ti Developer 1.2.1
  • Ti Mobile SDK

I have tried all sorts of fixes listed here, including compiling with older versions of the Ti Mobile SDK, with no luck at all.

When I compile in Xcode I get 3 warning and NO errors:

  1. ld: warning: directory '/Users/samshupac/Design/Apps/Shakolour/Shakolour/build/iphone/../../../../tmp/debug/build' following -L not found

  2. ld: warning: directory '/Users/samshupac/Design/Apps/Shakolour/Shakolour/build/iphone/../../../../tmp/staticlib/build/Debug-iphonesimulator' following -L not found

  3. ld: warning: directory '/Users/samshupac/Design/Apps/Shakolour/Shakolour/build/iphone/../../../tijs/TiCore/TiCore/build/Release-iphonesimulator' following -L not found

Anyone having this issue and solved it somehow?
Help please…



— asked October 16th 2010 by Sam Shupac
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    I feel pretty stupid- the 'run on device' failings were entirely down to a typo in my code. I should have my developer title revoked permanently!

    — commented October 19th 2010 by Sam Shupac
  • I'm getting this error too, can you shed some light on what was wrong in your code? Thanks.

    — commented April 1st 2011 by James Adams

2 Answers

  • Those warnings are probably OK.

    Fire up Xcode, with your ipod attached, open the Organizer and then click on the ipod under devices. Then click on the console tab. Just before firing up your app, clear the console and then watch the log as you click your icon.

    You could also look at the device logs from here, there is likely at least one crash log from your application.

    Related to this, I have had some problems in the past that were only resolved when I deleted the project from Titanium (but kept the directory), renamed the directory, created a new project and then copied my entire Resources folder over to the new project. Then I recompiled without changing any code, and suddenly things started working.


    — answered October 16th 2010 by Todd Trann
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    • Thanks, Todd. Firing up the Xcode console output helped me discover why
      my app would run on everything except the iPod Touch actual device. In my case, the helium.js includes were not being included. This links tells it all: https://github.com/kwhinnery/Helium/issues/4. So, if you are using helium and can't get the app to run on the ios device…this may help you too.

      — commented August 31st 2011 by LaSean Smith
  • Thanks for that info Todd.
    I also installed Xcode 3.2.4 with iOS SDK 4.1 (which is what i have on my iphone, i didnt notice the difference!)

    running my app on iphone displayed errors in the Xcode console:

    1. Mon Oct 18 12:54:13 Sam-iPhone-4 /var/mobile/Applications/DCA8BF7B-A0CA-42AC-992D-9257A361B517/Shakolour.app/Shakolour[1420] <Info>: dnssd_clientstub write_all(9) DEFUNCT

    2. Mon Oct 18 12:54:13 Sam-iPhone-4 /var/mobile/Applications/DCA8BF7B-A0CA-42AC-992D-9257A361B517/Shakolour.app/Shakolour[1420] <Warning>: dnssd_clientstub deliver_request ERROR: write_all(9, 62 bytes) failed

    3. Mon Oct 18 12:54:13 Sam-iPhone-4 /var/mobile/Applications/DCA8BF7B-A0CA-42AC-992D-9257A361B517/Shakolour.app/Shakolour[1420] <Info>: dnssd_clientstub write_all(9) DEFUNCT

    to be honest I have no idea what any of that means!
    i presume the important bit is dnssd_clientstub deliver_request

    help?! :-S

    Thanks to anyone with suggestions

    — answered October 18th 2010 by Sam Shupac
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