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Saving images from ImageView

I just got a small question.

I wrote some sort of image viewer which loads images from a website and parses them into a ImageView using the image: <url> tag, this works all great, but when i choose to save the file to the gallery i get the basic ImageView loading image..

I'm using the following code.. It worked before in the simulator, i'm afraid i've broken something but can't find it..

this.save.addEventListener('click', function() {
this.blob = this.img.toImage();
if(Ti.Media.saveToPhotoGallery(this.blob) == null) {
    alert('Saved image to gallery')

I'm using a customized prototype library that's why i'm able to use .bind(this).

Thanks for any help

— asked October 22nd 2010 by J T
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1 Answer

  • If it is still a problem I suggest you to read the guide Using questions and answers in order to get around this problem quicker.

    — answered November 13th 2012 by Eduardo Gomez
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