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New window is transparent. Why?

On my app, I have a button that loads a window. Both the main window and the one that is loaded both have the same background image set.

However, on the new window, when it loads, you can see through it to the calling window. It does this as a regular window and as a modal window.

How can I get rid of this? Anyone have code they can share?

This is the code for the main window that creates the new one

var w = Titanium.UI.createWindow({



And on the new window, all of the Views have


Yes, the files are in the appropriate locations, so I know its not that type of issue.

— asked October 23rd 2010 by Josh Lewis
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2 Answers

  • w.open({animated:true, modal:true});
    That worked for me when I had the transparent background.

    — answered October 23rd 2010 by Ben Boblis
  • That sort of works I guess. But I dont want ANY transparency. I'd rather it not be modal if I didnt have to.

    — answered October 23rd 2010 by Josh Lewis
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    • Just adding modal:true makes it transparent, true. But also adding win.open({animated:true, modal:true, backgroundColor:'#fff'}); worked is making my new window not transparent. If that isn't what you're looking for, sorry.

      — commented October 26th 2010 by Ben Boblis
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