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My app approved and on app store :)


My App is now on the App Store. Thanks to the community and to Appcelerator, because I was able to code it in less than 1 month, without learning a new language !!

It's a movie catalog software, working with the desktop application (Mac/PC). The iOS app can download the desktop database to browse it. It's only in French, for now, and I'm waiting for localization in Titanium 1.5 to translate it (the desktop app is in french and english).

Now I'm working on the iPad version.


— asked October 25th 2010 by Pascal PLUCHON
  • approved
  • iphone

2 Answers

  • Oh, un autre Français!

    Eh bien félicitations, j'essaierais l'app quand j'aurais retrouvé mon ipod :)

    — answered October 25th 2010 by Ivan Mathy
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    • Et un autre ici ^^

      — commented February 11th 2011 by Romain Salles
  • I don't speak French, so maybe it is in the instructions, but you know is an internal ip address wich other people outside your home don't have?

    As far as I understand it, it looks nice furthermore :)

    — answered October 25th 2010 by Peter Griffin
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    • Yes, and that's normal, because it's for downloading your personnal database from the desktop application. I'm working to add UIFileSharing to sync with iTunes too.

      — commented October 25th 2010 by Pascal PLUCHON
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