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Custom module examples for Android and Desktop?

Now that we have a working example and documentation for a custom module for iPhone development, can we get the same for Android and Desktop platforms? Part of the selling point of Titanium is its cross-platform abilities, but we'll need the ability to customize on all the platforms.

— asked March 25th 2010 by Mark Burggraf
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2 Answers

  • did you find anything? i am looking for module documentation for the desktop version

    — answered February 13th 2011 by Andrew Crook
  • Bump - I'm looking into this exact same area and would appreciate some help/docs. Looks like there's an iOS guide (http://assets.appcelerator.com.s3.amazonaws.com/docs/Module_Developers_Guide_iOS.pdf) but nothing for desktop.

    — answered May 9th 2011 by Sean O Shea
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